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released February 5, 2010

Colin Pearson - Easy Guitars / Vocals
Shafer Carson - Bass / Vocals
Steve Duke - Hard Guitars / Vocals
Steve Pearson - Drums / Vocals

Produced by Dan Yakimow & YOU BIG IDIOT

Engineered / Mixed / Mastered by:
Dan Yakimow
Assisted by:
Shafer Carson & Les Pahl

Recorded at Armoury Studios, Vancouver



all rights reserved


YOU BIG IDIOT Vancouver, British Columbia

Fast, Fun, and Dumb...that's

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Track Name: The Pirate
I sail the seas like a pirate
Searching for treasure and places to hide it
You name the crime, bet I've tried it
Being an outlaw just gets me excited
I love to steal
And I'm taking your automobile

I hate Peter Pan and The Lost Boys
I like getting liqoured and making lots of noise
It's my life, it's my choice
And if you take my keys you're going to walk my wooden plank
Because I'm still good to drive
And it's good to be alive

When I'm off the water
I'll be that creep staring at your daughter
It's those jeans you bought her
They tell me that I should prepare for the slaughter
I hope she's available
Cause damn that ship is sailable

I caulked the wagon and floated
With a patch on my eye and a gut that is bloated
I tell all the ladies I'm loaded
When my cannon fires your boat gets exploded
Track Name: New Westmonster
Come to the zoo
See what people with no money do
Bottles, shopping carts, and bikes
Concrete corners, sleepless nights

If you want to fight the war
Just share a little more
Give a dollar give a handshake
Before shame turns into hate

Don't walk away
Lend a hand, understand
This is not ok

Back in the day
He had a home, had a family
Chopped his hand up at the mill
It takes all ten fingers to pay the bills

If you want to fight the war
Just share a little more
Give a dollar, give a handshake
If not, shame on your mistake

Don't walk away
Lend a hand, take a stand
Save the day

If you want to fight the war
Just share a little more
Give a dollar, give a handshake
Before the zoo walls break

Don't walk away
Lend a hand, take a stand
Start today
Track Name: You Can't Scream Dope Out in the Bank
I am your valentine
Broke my spine while drunk on wine
I am your orange juice
Substance abusing son of Bruce

Days or nights
My driving lights
Are always on
Flying kites
And starting fight
And singing songs

I am your incomplete
Slippers hide my sweaty feet
I am your rye and water
Higher than a helicopter

Days or nights
My driving lights
Are always on
Can't scream dope out in the bank
My money's all gone
Track Name: Concrete Slippers
Falling down, I'm on the ground
I'm looking up, they're all around
How'd they find me?
It's not easy

Concrete blocks strapped to my feet
My mouth is taped, I cannot speak
Legs are broken
The door slides open

On the bridge, I'm looking down
My hands are tied, I'll surely drown
I take my last breath
Track Name: Can't Elope
Large, I like them larger than life
Loud like surround sound shuts up your wife
Huge, like the expo building
If it was twinned I'd stare at with a grin
I love...

Grapefruits and bowling balls
Reacting with action when nature calls
I'd love to look you in the eyes
But lower lies much more of a nice surprise

Big, like baseballs on a twig
If your losing balance, I'm dancing a jig
Small, ain't no fun at all
Unless you're the judge sentencing me to fall
In love...

If she's got implants
This is my chance for happiness inside my bands
I want to be in between
The girls in this month's jug world magazine